Endpoint protection for your specific industry needs

Exosphere’s solution is designed to meet the needs and challenges of SMBs in every industry, especially those with sensitive data and intellectual property that must be protected from both internal and external threats or those with regulatory compliance needs.


Insurance Services

Exosphere helps insurance companies protect sensitive patient data to stay compliant with regulatory requirements for privacy and security.


Financial Services

Exosphere helps Financial Services companies be PCI and SOX compliant, along with other regulatory compliance requirements.


Legal Services

Exosphere helps Legal Services companies protect sensitive information, intellectual property, and much more from both internal and external threats.



Exosphere helps Healthcare companies to be HIPAA compliant and maintaining the privacy and security of patient data.



Exosphere helps Education organizations be compliant with FERPA and maintain the security of their sensitive data. It’s also easy to deploy and manage remotely.

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Exosphere helps Retail companies be PCI compliant and provides a cloud-based endpoint solution that is easy and fast to deploy and manage remotely.

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