Exosphere helps Healthcare companies to be HIPAA compliant and maintaining the privacy and security of patient data.

Healthcare endpoint attacks cost the industry $1.3B annually (Ponemon study, 2017). With healthcare undergoing digital transformation, the endpoint is the last line of defense. As such, the endpoint posture requires constant supervision, to maintain patient confidentiality, prevent downtime, and comply with HIPAA. We therefore need to make sure it is properly patched, backed up, protected from data leaks, and equipped with the latest anti-malware tools.

When it comes to clinics and smaller healthcare organizations this is a heavy burden. But with Exosphere UTM endpoint security it’s easy to address all these different aspects of cybsersecurity using a single, unified solution. The Exosphere agent provides advanced anti-malware and anti-ransomware capabilities, together with HealthCheck™ for configuration management and software patching, data loss prevention to prevent leakage of PII (Personally Identifiable Information), such as patient imaging files, and more. By doing so, we greatly simplify management, reduce the cost, and maintain the highest level of security.

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