Exosphere helps Retail companies be PCI compliant and provides a cloud-based endpoint solution that is easy and fast to deploy and manage remotely.

In the retail sector a lot of consumer data is collected and it is therefore frequently targeted for attacks. Personal identifiable information (PII) and credit card data must be protected to maintain the company’s reputation and to comply with PCI and other regulations.

Seeing that the endpoint devices are the last line of defense, we must make sure their posture is adequate at all times. They must be properly patched, the data on them must be protected from data leaks, and they should be equipped with the latest anti-malware tools.

This meant in the past that many different products and solutions had to be purchased, managed and maintained. This introduces great complexity and cost. Exosphere’s UTM endpoint security makes it easy to address all these different cybsersecurity requirements using a single, unified solution. Exosphere’s UTM endpoint protection provides all-in-one functionality that addresses all key threat vectors: advanced anti-malware and anti-ransomware, HealthCheck™ for configuration management and software patching, data loss prevention to prevent leakage of PCI data, and more. By doing so, we greatly simplify management, reduce the cost, and maintain the highest level of security.

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