Exosphere helps Legal Services companies protect sensitive information, intellectual property, and much more from both internal and external threats.

The legal services sector must closely protect client data and maintain business continuity, with typically little IT support. With increasing mobility, users’ endpoint devices become the first and often last line of defense. We therefore must make sure these devices protect us from multiple, increasingly sophisticated threats. To do so, we must ensure they have the latest anti-malware technology and, just as important, make sure they are properly configured, have the latest software patches, and that sensitive client data is protected from data leaks.

Staying protected therefore requires purchasing, managing and maintaining a myriad of different products. This introduces great complexity and cost. But with Exosphere UTM endpoint security legal services companies can protect themselves from all these different threats using a single, unified solution. The Exosphere agent provides advanced anti-malware and anti-ransomware capabilities, together with HealthCheck™ for configuration management and software patching, data loss prevention to prevent leakage of client data, and more. By doing so, we greatly simplify management, reduce the cost, and maintain the highest level of security.

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